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The Mind's Ear Program #30: "Music to Grow Mushrooms to"

“Music to Grow Mushrooms to” is the culmination of countless hours of rigorous research and experimentation involving the listening habits of mycelium. After making the discovery that his mushrooms grow exponentially when they are given constant exposure to music, Chald began experimenting with different types of musical rhythms, harmonic progressions, infrasonic frequencies, and timbres in an attempt to develop the ideal playlist for his mushrooms to grow to. “Music to Grow Mushrooms to” is the apotheosis of Chald’s experimentation in the creation of music for mycelium.

Mushrooms exposed to these recordings under controlled conditions from the moment of inoculation have been documented as growing, on average, 30% faster than mushrooms growing in silence. Although humans can also listen to–and possibly derive some enjoyment from–the mycelial music featured in these recordings, they are intended to be listened to by mushrooms. For optimal results, it is recommended that you play these recordings on a continuous loop at relatively low volume during all stages of your mushrooms’ growth–from inoculation to harvest. This music is equally beneficial to all species of mushrooms, and further research is currently being conducted into its effects on other fungal fruiting bodies.

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